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NEX Posts for the Blind

Looks Matter But Touch Makes Wayfinding More Inclusive

For transit customers looking to build program awareness and make transit stops more visible along busy streets, it is not uncommon for NEX Sign Posts to be powder coated in branded colors. But when it comes to helping the visually impaired find their way, color can be of little value.

Partnering with local area schools for the blind and visually impaired, customers recognize the unique shape of NEX Sign Posts as a valuable tool that aids persons with visual disabilities in navigating transit routes. Teaching the visually impaired to identify NEX Sign Posts through touch allows them to confirm their arrival at transit stop locations, building confidence in the system.

By nature of its proprietary design, NEX Sign Posts are helping create more inclusive wayfinding programs by increasing everyone's visibility, accessibility, and credibility.

Contact us if you have questions about NEX Sign Posts for your projects