About Zilla

Zilla is a U.S. women-owned business committed to improving communities through innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing products for mounting solar panels, signage, and mailboxes.

Our experience spans over forty years and includes residential and commercial construction, renewable energy design and installation, new product design, engineering, and manufacturing, uniquely equipping us to provide best in class products that are simple, affordable, and easy to install. In addition, our services and product solutions create value across communities, making clean energy more accessible and enhancing the spaces where we live and work.

Our mission

We thrill our customers with best-in-class products, outstanding service, and the unmatched value of our experience.

We provide an ethical team-based culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, respect, and collaboration.

We deliver mutually beneficial financial results for our customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Proud providers for

Revision Energy
Renova Energy
Ecotech Solar
Freedom Solar Power
Namaste Solar
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Team Zilla

Our Team

Team Zilla

We’re a team of dedicated professionals bringing a wide array of backgrounds and experiences to support you in creating the solar, sign, or mailbox mounting solution to best meet your needs. Innovative, committed, and entrepreneurial, we bring a unique perspective to our work and value collaborative partnerships with all of our customers.

NEX products’ affordability and sleek design contribute to the beautification of our city while ensuring sturdy, long-lasting installations. A win-win for our budget-conscious projects.


Working with Zilla Corporation is a delightful breeze. Their team’s responsiveness and expertise make every interaction easy, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable partnership.

Public Works Contractor

Zilla products have proven incredibly resilient, keeping our systems secure and dependable, providing long-term peace of mind for us and our customers.

Solar Contractor

We chose Zilla products because supporting US manufacturing aligns with our sustainability and job creation values. Knowing we’re investing in American craftsmanship is a decision we’re proud of.

Solar Contractor

The intuitive design and clear instructions for installing Zilla products are game-changers for us. They streamline training, and we can complete jobs quicker, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Solar Contractor

With their proprietary wedge system, NEX products simplify installations tremendously. It’s an innovative, efficient solution that saves time and effort, making our job more manageable.

Transit System

We use Zilla products because we can’t afford to risk our reputation as a quality contractor. They’re reliable, and it’s important to us that we uphold the solar industry’s reputation for excellence.

Solar Contractor

We were pleased to learn that NEX’s distinct design offers tactile guidance, improving accessibility and safety within our service area—a thoughtful and inclusive solution.

Transit System