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Zilla products are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America in compliance with American Iron & Steel (AIS), the Buy American Act, and Buy America requirements.

About Zilla

Zilla Corporation is a 100% woman-owned business that believes in creating more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing communities with cutting-edge products that are simple and affordable.

Our experience spans over forty years and includes residential and commercial construction, renewable energy design and installation, business services, product design, engineering, and manufacturing, which allows us to deliver on our vision.

Today, we make the world's most innovative aluminum and steel tube products in the form of high-quality, user-friendly solar mounting, sign mounting, and mailbox mounting systems right here in the USA.

Whether you choose Solar Mounting, NEX Sign Posts, or NEX Mailbox Posts, our entire line of patented products enables faster, safer, and more dependable mounting solutions that help optimize business performance while enhancing the places we live, work, and play.

The Zilla Way

  • We thrill our customers with best-in-class products, outstanding service, and the unmatched value of our experience.
  • We provide an ethical team-based culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, respect, and collaboration.
  • We deliver mutually beneficial financial results for our customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Customers We Serve

  • Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders, and Developers
  • Renewable Energy Contractors and Distributors
  • City and State Urban Development, Highway, Parks, Recreation, and Transit Departments
  • Federal agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and US Military
  • Traffic Control and Highway Improvement Contractors