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Zilla products are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America in compliance with American Iron & Steel (AIS), the Buy American Act, and Buy America requirements.

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Flush mount rail systems feature patented design innovations that provide a simple, secure installation on sheathing or structure for the ultimate in strength, durability and peace-of-mind.
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  • RacPac_DS-XL_EndClip-XL_isoroof
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Zilla Rac Pac® Flush Mount Rail System features patented design innovations that allow for faster, safer, stronger installations on composition shingle roofs.


  • Universal Zilla End Clips and Zilla Top Clips with integrated grounding field adjust to module frames from 26-52 mm.
  • Zilla Quad Combo Rails have a patented symmetrical profile with common top/bottom, inside/outside mounting slots simplifies installation and provides a strong, lightweight, steady platform.
  • Optional Zilla Splice Kits with integrated grounding provide a strong rail-to-rail bonded connection when combining 2 or more Rac Pacs.
  • Zilla Stainless Steel L-Foot with hardware sets to 2” or 2.5” in the field.
  • Zilla Double Stud XL Flashings attach to sheathing or structure using industry-leading installation method of attachment first, flashing second provides three layers of watertight protection for the ultimate in speed, strength and durability.
  • Passed 3rd party testing for roof flashings in accordance with AC 286 evaluation standards using the methodology of UL 441.
  • Made in USA.
  • 25-year warranty.

Each Rac Pac Rail System Includes:

  • (2) Zilla Quad Combo Rails 14’ Mill Finish
  • (8) Zilla Top Clip Assembly XL Mill Finish
  • (4) Zilla End Clip Assembly XL Mill Finish
  • (8) Zilla SS 2” x 2.5” L-Foot Assembly with Hardware
  • (8) Zilla Double Stud XL Flashing BLK Assembly


  • Zilla Splice Kit
  • Zilla Row to Row Grounding Kit
  • Zilla Top Clip Assembly XL in Black Finish
  • Zilla End Clip Assembly XL in Black Finish
  • Wire Management Clips
  • Micro-inverter mounting hardware
  • Replace Double Stud XL Flashing with Zip Flashing
  • Replace Double Stud XL Flashing with Double Stud Flashing
  • Electrical Passthrough

Zilla product innovations embody intellectual property which includes one or more of the following patents: US Pat. 8,448,405; 8,479,455; 8,661,765; 8,689,517; 8,707,654; 8,707,655; 8,752,338; 8,833,032; 8,833,033; 8,869,490; 9,068,339; 9,106,023; 9,473,064; D415,847; D617,174; D636,656; D639,143; and/or D639,144.